Fundraising with Taco Patio!

Since our establishment in 2012, one of our core values has been to actively support the surrounding communities in a variety of ways. We take pride in sponsoring numerous local sports teams, non-profit organizations, significant annual school events, and various school activities. Our ongoing commitment to these initiatives stems from our belief that we must give back to our community, as they have provided unwavering support to our restaurant throughout the years.

Our Fundraising Program

You can dine in, carry out or come through the drive thru and 15% of the bill will be donated to your organization!!

Taco Patio wants to help your organization and hear how the fundraising will work for you:
1.Call us or let us know ahead of time for the date of your event.
We can host fundraisers only Monday thru Thursday.
2.You can create a colorful flyer with some details of your event and the purpose we have tried to achive.
You can distribute these flyers through emails,social media,text etc.
3.Let’s spread the word!
4.Day of your event:
Let your audience know that they need to let us know that they would like to count their orders towards your fundraising!
5.Collected Funds:
Please allow 1 to 3 business days for our team to finalize the count and write a check to your organization!
Book now your event by contacting us at

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